Drive meets purpose

We’re here for the businesses who are ready to open a second location. Ready to hire an associate. We breathe for entrepreneurs driven to make a change. For nonprofits and organizations prepared to speak louder. For leaders who are eager to have fans. 

You all give us purpose. You create jobs, you boost local economies, and you build communities. We’re so excited to partner with you.

Meet the creatives

Alisa Boysis

Alisa Boysis

Creative Director/Co-founder

After 13 years in communications and design, you can say Alisa is an agency vet. She has worked with clients all over Canada, the US, Europe and Australia. Because of her compassionate nature and attention to detail, we call her the mind-reader of Class Act Media. It is her dream come true to help businesses develop a strong brand presence.

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Anjelica Abarra

Anjelica Abarra

Marketing Director/Co-founder

Shortly after founding Alt Med Creative, a healthcare marketing agency, Anjelica pursued her desire to help even more businesses grow through her fail-proof marketing strategies. From her experience in web development to her years in content management for professional services, Anjelica ensures that the Class Act Media team prioritizes results.

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Levente Kovacs

Levente Kovacs


Since graduating from the Alberta University of the Arts, Levente has been making waves in the music industry with local and international artists. After producing hundreds of music and corporate videos, Levente has developed a unique storytelling style through his visuals. He loves innovation, exploring new technologies, and leveraging marketing tools for clients.

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Kaitlyn Stegmaier

Kaitlyn Stegmaier

Art Director

Kaitlyn is a graduate of the Bachelor of Creative Advertising program at Humber College with a passion for design and creative thinking. She started her career as a freelance Art Director & Creative Director for a small start-up, where she grew her leadership, design, and strategic thinking skills. At Class Act Media, Kaitlyn is the Art Director who thrives on bringing the team’s creative visions to life with cutting edge design & visual storytelling.

Erica Prosser

Erica Prosser

Content Coordinator

After a diverse career in Health and Safety Administration for various projects in Alberta’s energy sector, Erica pivoted to marketing. She graduated from SAIT’s Business of Administration program with a major in marketing. Utilizing her experience and a passion for writing, Erica crafts compelling content that cuts through clutter and forges deep resonances with client audiences and prospects. She loves using storytelling and creativity to help small businesses achieve their goals.

Shannon Woolgar

Shannon Woolgar

Content & Vancouver Island Community Manager

Shannon is a psychology graduate passionate about creating engaging content online. Crediting to her past experience as a holistic nutritionist, Shannon is the chief writer for Class Act Media’s wellness and healthcare marketing brand, Alt Med Creative. As a proud resident and barbershop owner in Nanaimo, Shannon ensures that Class Act Media has an active presence in Vancouver Island.

Our core values

— 1

Be present. Be here, be engaged, be in the process and in the moment.

— 2

Unrivalled empathy in your work and in your communications – to the team, to the clients, and to everyone.

— 3

Excellent client care by having the client’s best interest at heart.

— 4

Delight by making it fun and bringing joy to everything you create.

— 5

Determined to act with integrity and accountability .

— 6

We do what we say we’re going to do. Initiative through critical thinking.

— 7

Patience. Being patient helps us create a healthy, positive, and respectful work culture for everyone, including our clients.

— 8

Be intentional to not settle for mediocre.

Enough about us, we want to hear your story