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by | Jul 28, 2020 | Social Media

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Hello Authentic August

Staying authentic is the theme we’re sticking to this August. All entrepreneurs and enterprises have seen unimaginable shifts in these past eight months. It’s time we share them and grow from them.

The goal is to engage with your ideal audience – the ones that align with your values and your vision. The ones that will be the most open to reach out to you because they feel like they can trust you.

That’s the power of being authentic in your content.


How it works

Download the calendar we’ve put together for free right here.

Using this calendar you’ll be able to keep things fresh on your feed with themed days and all the important social media dates. It has everything you need to ensure an authentic social media presence this August.

Make sure to check-in at the end of the month for your next set of free social media ideas!


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