Aviation Dental: “No Shame” Fly Zone

Breaking the Holding Pattern of Dental Anxiety

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Social Media

The Guilt Trip

Fear is a real emotion that holds people back from having regular dental exams—even though check-ups are a critical part of preventive health care. In some cases, fear can keep people from seeing a dentist entirely—which could harm not just their dental health, but also their overall well-being.

Dental-exam fear can manifest in many ways; one of the most common anxieties is the fear of being lectured or shamed by a dental professional for poor hygiene habits, like not brushing or flossing enough. 

Aviation Dental understands this fear. They’ve made it their mission to ensure patients feel as confident and as comfortable as possible during their appointments. Dr. Bosch and his team have a message: Aviation Dental operates in a “no shame” zone!

In-Flight Safety

To communicate this message, Class Act Media created a social media video campaign for Aviation Dental that recognizes people’s genuine fears and feelings of embarrassment, shame, and guilt about their dental hygiene. This “no fear” campaign reinforces that Aviation Dental is a safe, non-judgemental environment, free of lecturing and finger-wagging.

Aviation does not lecture review


Everyone at Aviation Dental was on board, and the campaign took flight. 

The Class Act Media  team created two 30-second spots.

The first spot features real-life staff members from Aviation Dental calmly and reassuringly describing—in both English and Spanish— their “Judgement Free Zone,” and emphasizing their eagerness to help patients rather than lecture them.

The second spot features a female patient (our very own Rachel Wiebe) waiting in an exam room at the dentist’s office. While she waits, we can hear her anxious, fearful (overdubbed) thoughts, as she runs through a series of self-critical judgements about her dental hygiene habits. Just as her anxiety peaks, a dental assistant appears and speaks to her calmly, letting her know that Dr. Bosch will soon be with her. As she is reassured, her face breaks into a smile, her fear subsides, and her shoulders relax. As the tagline “We’re not here to lecture you at Aviation Dental. Just be you” closes out the spot, we see a much more relaxed and confident patient awaiting her exam.

Safe Landing

As impersonal technology continues to disrupt our lives, it’s more critical than ever for our real-life interactions with health professionals to provide solutions and experiences that alleviate stress and anxiety. By conveying authenticity, empathy, and humanity, Class Act’s Aviation Dental video campaign launches–and lands—Aviation Dental’s “no-shame” brand. 


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