COVID-19: How has your business been affected?

Just checking in…

First off, how are you? How has your company been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

This crisis has had unprecedented effects on our community. Simply put, it has not been business as usual around here.

We understand how challenging the current global situation is, and many of us are navigating uncharted waters as we scramble to make hard decisions that impact our staff and clients.

But there is hope.

From the get go, we have always believed that business can be a force for good, and we’re all about doing good together.

We stand by that strong sentiment even in these uncertain times, and hope to connect with fellow Calgary based businesses as we face this crisis together.

We’re in this together

Like many of you, we have been asking ourselves what the best course of action is when dealing with these unforeseen challenges.

We may not have all the answers, but we are firm believers that communication opens doors.

Going forward, we know the best thing to do is simple:

Reach out.

Ask how people are doing. Let your clients know how you truly feel, whether that’s on a quick video call or in a simple blog post like this.

It’s all about connection

Oftentimes social media is seen simply as a marketing tool by businesses. Although it does a great job of that, marketing is not it’s sole purpose.

In reality, social media is a touchpoint for us to connect with what matters most to us. Especially in times of self-isolation.

Use your favourite social media platform to connect. Ask what your community needs. Offer up ideas and solutions for how you’d like to step up and support your clients. You never know who you might inspire.

Yes, people on social media are talking non-stop about this virus, but it’s important to contribute a voice of hope and value to the conversation. Be part of the joint effort that spreads positivity and support to those looking for it. You’ll stand out and be remembered.

Join us in a little caremongering

Caremongering – It’s got a good ring to it!

In facing the new challenges that this virus has thrown our way, many companies have demonstrated exceptional compassion and humanity as they adapt to help their community.  

Here are some inspiring examples of caremongering that we have seen offered by local businesses here in Calgary. Can you apply any of these ideas to your current business operations?

  • Taking your products or services digital. Many businesses are pivoting to serve their communities remotely, like Crush Camp in Calgary, offering live streamed classes.
  • Offering pay-what-you-wish online coaching sessions like Human Potential Development Consultant, Madhura Joshi at Ignite Your Inner Potential. This is perfect if you’re in need of personal guidance to help you stay calm, focused, and productive during this time.
  • Creating accessibility for your clients by setting aside hours for compromised community members to shop and offering delivery for those in quarantine, like Calgary Co-op
  • Fostering connection and adding value by offering free consults or creating opportunities to collaborate through webinars.
  • Showing your clients flexibility and grace during these trying times by offering amended due dates for invoices or restructuring existing payment plans. Here at Class Act Media, we are extending our Net 30 payment terms to Net 45 to help take some pressure off of our hardworking clients.  

We’re hoping to add more ideas to this list, so if you have a great caremongering strategy, please reach out! We will continue to update this post as the suggestions continue to roll in.

Feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone!

If you’re feeling stuck with your official COVID-19 response, let us help. We want to do our part as a communications company to lend a helping hand. 

If you need help crafting your COVID-19 response, chat with one of our founders through the links below. We can set up a call to brainstorm some ideas on what you can do to caremonger too (at no charge).

Alisa –

Anjelica –

We are in this together! Let’s take this opportunity to connect, to share, to grow and to take care of one another.

All the best,

The Class Act Media Team