How to increase

the ROI of your website

Tools and strategies to exponentially increase the ROI of your website.

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Social Media

In the current digital world, your website can be one of the first impressions of your potential customers. However, having a website and not utilizing it to its full potential may be just as bad as not having a website altogether. Many businesses struggle to generate more income with the use of their websites because they fail to take full advantage of what is available to them. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When potential customers come across your website, are you able to get in touch with them? 
  • Are you able to get them back onto your website or store? 

Unlike physical businesses, you can track where your visitors come from and how they interact from just your website.

This resource will guide you through some amazing tools and strategies to increase the return on investment of your website. You can learn to measure the success of your business with the implementation of these suggestions.

4 tools to implement on your website to increase ROI

Google Analytics – Understand your audience

Understanding the users who engage with your website is detrimental to evaluate their behaviours and decision-making processes to better serve them with your services and products.

Google has developed an amazing tool called Google Analytics to make it easier for you to analyze the data and insights you collect from your website audience in one centralized location. Do you want to know what’s even better? This tool is completely free to use!

Google Analytics can easily provide you with the information you need to know to make an informed decision to push your business in the right direction. Knowing your audience and what makes them tick can give you a competitive edge in the market.

You will know exactly where your website visitors are coming from, the keywords that are attracting individuals to read your content, and how they spend their time while viewing your website. 

👉 Learn how to utilize Google Analytics to your advantage.

Google Tag Manager – Understand the actions of your audience

Knowing the user’s actions is important data to collect. Google Tag Manager is another free to use software developed by Google that allows you to easily deploy and manage small snippets of code on your website. This may sound complicated, but it’s not! You don’t need to even edit any of the source code to get this all to work. 

Google Tag Manager is best used together with Google Analytics to utilize all the data collected to understand your user’s actions and behaviours. Take advantage of this data to tailor a strategy for your business that can increase your conversions and ROIs.

👉 Learn how to utilize Google Tag Manager to increase your audience conversions.

CallRail – Track your phone leads

Tracking phone calls can be an important metric to help optimize your marketing campaigns and strategies. When businesses fail to track where their phone leads are coming from, they are losing data that can help determine which of their current marketing campaigns are being effective.

CallRail is a tool to help you track phone leads to determine what marketing campaign is capable of driving quality leads to your business. This will allow you to optimize your marketing strategy and increase efforts on your current campaigns that have proven to be effective. Data collected with CallRail can also be integrated into Google Analytics for the ease of having a centralized location to view and understand the analytics of your business.

👉 Learn how to utilize CallRail to track your phone calls and optimize your marketing campaign.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms on the internet. With over 2.45 billion monthly active users, Facebook’s advertising platform can prove to be a good marketing tool to grow your business with detailed targeting. 

To fully utilize the power of Facebook advertising, it is important to install Facebook Pixel onto your website. This tool allows you to optimize for Facebook advertising strategies to ensure that no dollar is ever wasted! Facebook Pixel is a small snippet of code that is added in the back-end of your website to gather data on your website visitors. 

Pixels are triggered whenever your audience takes an action on your pages – such as adding an item to cart and clicking on a button. This allows you to track these users, categorize them into different audience groups, and retarget them to increase conversion rates and ROIs.

👉 Learn how to optimize your Facebook advertising strategies utilizing Facebook Pixels.

Beware of Vanity Metrics to increase ROI

Vanity metrics are superficial metrics that do not help generate a return on your investments. To be more specific, these metrics provide no real value to understanding the impact of driving revenue on your business. 

Using vanity metrics to direct business decisions can cause more harm than good for your business. If you utilize the following metrics to help you with your business decisions, avoid them!

  • Social media followers
  • Pageviews
  • Bounce rate
  • Site visitors
  • Visit time on your site

There should be more emphasis on metrics that provide you with real data that can help drive business decisions to generate more revenue. These metrics allow you to understand what you should focus on which can include:

  • Labelled metrics – such as the number of booked appointments through your website
  • Referral sources – which platforms generate revenue for your business?
  • Conversion rates – what percentage of your audience are converting to paying customers?

👉 Learn how to utilize the right metrics for your website to generate more revenue.

Bringing traffic to your website can increase ROI

Business websites are an important part of your identity in the modern business era. The number of visitors on your website equates to the number of opportunities to convert your audience into paying customers. 

Today, information is accessible everywhere on the internet. It should be a priority for your business to ensure that your website has all the relevant information when they search for solutions to any of their problems.

Valuable content is key to give you a competitive advantage when your users are looking for answers. The implementation of the following practices can convert your website into a valuable resource and bring an increased amount of traffic.

  • Provide insightful articles through blogs, free resources, webinars, and whitepapers. 
  • Use social media to amplify your voice and promote your resources.
  • Advertise the content on your website using paid advertising on Google and social media.
  • Optimize the pages on your website for SEO to rank up on search engines for high-value keywords your audience will actively be searching for.

Your audience will always be seeking solutions to their problems. Understanding the value you can bring to your audience will allow you to dramatically increase the traffic brought to your website.

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Show empathy to increase ROI

Empathy allows you to connect with your customers. The ability to put yourself in the shoes of others and see the world from their perspective allows you to understand their pain points, their fears, and their desires. 

Showcasing empathy in different areas of your business allows your customers to really understand your values. It’s also important to reflect this on your website to convert your audience into loyal followers. 

  • Be empathetic in design. Your website needs to be usable and responsive to your users on whatever device they may be using. It needs to look good on all the screens. 
  • Be empathetic in content. The images and the content within your website should engage your readers and are pathologically empathetic to address any of their concerns
  • Be empathetic in function. Improve the speed of your site and make it efficient and easy for your audience to load your website.

👉 Learn how to show empathy through your website to give you a competitive edge in the market.

Generate leads from your website and increase ROI

Leads are a blood source for any business as they may convert into paying customers. To generate quality leads for your business, you must understand the lead generation process. Having a call-to-action button within your website will entice and give direction to your audience to take action. That being said, this will not automatically start generating you leads.

Why should your audience take action? What’s in it for them?

Best practices to generate quality leads is to offer something of value, or a lead magnet, in exchange for their contact information. By gaining this information, you have now captured a lead that you can follow up with.

Here are some good practices that you can start implementing to generate leads:

  • Having a clear call-to-action button in key areas around your website can ensure that they are more likely to be clicked on. These buttons may include: “Book an Appointment, Book a Tour, or even Download now”.
  • Similar to what we have mentioned previously, content is king. Ensure that you are always publishing free, valuable content that your users are actively seeking the answers for. 
  • Offering something of value in exchange for their contact information is the best approach to gaining quality leads. You are providing a valuable resource they want to learn more about. This also allows you to follow up with them to gather some insight on how you can best help them.
  • People are usually busy. If you have sent a follow-up email and they have failed to get back to you, keep trying! It’s easy for emails to get lost so ensure that you can properly get a hold of them. 
  • Testing your forms before being published can save you from a lot of headaches. The last thing you want is for all your lead information to not be captured when they fill out the lead magnet forms. 

As a modern-day business, you want to ensure that you don’t sell to your audience. You want to just continue to provide valuable content as much and as often as you can. Once you have captured their attention with your content, throwing a very tempting offer can convert a loyal website visitor into a lead or a paying customer.

Class Act Media provides free social media content calendars for our audience to ensure that they have something to look forward to using every month. This free lead magnet ensures that you keep your content structured and organized throughout the months, making your life a little easier to manage.

👉 Learn how to bring in leads to your business utilizing your website.

What will you do to increase the ROI of your website?

Your website and business go hand in hand. The use of effective digital tools and strategies can help you connect easily with your audience and bring them back to your business as repeat customers. Your website can become a powerful tool to bring in continuous leads while also providing value to your audience.

If you need help with the implementation of these tools or strategies, reach out to us! We are here to help you generate more revenue, increase your leads, and present you with strategies to stand out amongst your competitors.