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by | Jun 23, 2020 | Social Media

Featured Resource: July Social Calendar

Your FREE guide to social media success this coming July

As we approach the second half of the calendar year, it’s time to start planning ahead with your social media. July is a great month for social media success because people are out and about, posting and watching what’s happening. 

The design industry is perfect for Instagram – with visuals as the centre of the platform, your business can really excel with the right strategy.

It’s time to collect your July social media planner and start turning your followers into clients.

Planning your own social media can get a little daunting and takes practise and planning. We’ve designed the July social media planner for the design industry.

If you need more help with your accounts, let’s connect.



Here’s why you need a social media calendar.


Keep ahead of the curve

Different trends come up all the time and the nature of social media makes it important to stay on brand, while acknowledging what everyone is talking about.

A planner that is curated fresh and ready every month keeps you ahead of the latest trends.

The best part? You don’t have to do the research, it simply arrives in your inbox every month.



Save the scramble

Picture this.

You need to post something and with no plan you’re scrolling through your camera roll for inspiration. 

You pick a low quality image with a throwaway caption attached, that doesn’t add value to your clients. Somehow, you lose more followers than you would have had you not posted anything at all.

A social media planner helps you avoid ‘the scramble’ and plan ahead for the best quality content for your followers.



How to use your calendar

We’ve included all sorts of prompts for your social calendar in July. On top of the crucial social media holidays, we’ve added other industry-related ideas for you to keep followers engaged and ready to take action with your business.

Simply download the calendar, and it will arrive in your inbox. All the hashtags and ideas you need are there to begin planning your posts immediately!

We’ll have your August calendar coming in the next few weeks, make sure you don’t miss it.

Free July Social Media Calendar

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