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Our Origin Story

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Social Media

Stronger together

The story of Class Act Media begins with a simple goal: Allowing people to do what they do and do it well.

Two years ago, Alisa Boysis, Anjelica (Anj) Abarra, and Levente (Leve) Kovac—all enjoying success in their respective careers—came together to form a team that focused on each of their strengths.

Together, they are a strong, dynamic trifecta of skilled and driven creators.
But their collective story is as serendipitous as it is intentional.

Leve, Anj, and Alisa


Anj and Alisa met at Work Nicer Coworking in Calgary; they found common ground while on a road trip to the grand opening party of the Community’s Edmonton location in March 2019. While the rest of the group partied at the back of the bus, Anj and Alisa spent the three-hour bus ride north working. They couldn’t help noticing they shared a similar work ethic, as they both continued to work well into the afternoon, long after the bus ride ended and the rest of the party headed to the pub.

At the time, Alisa was working independently, as she had for the past 13 years, delivering branding and web design services and serving clients throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

Meanwhile, Anj was in the throes of life as a full-stack marketer. As a one-woman show, she was ready for a partner. With a demanding project on the horizon and a pressing need for an experienced designer, Anj needed a partner who could expand her expertise. Together, Alisa and Anj worked successfully through what proved to be a very challenging project. That success was all the evidence they needed to continue their partnership by officially launching a new agency, Class Act Media.

Carolyn Luhning portrait


To maximize the opportunity to combine their skills, Anj and Alisa immediately completed a sales course by Kim Orlesky. They upped their game and polished the client services they offered.

Not only did the course align well with the launch of their new venture—it also introduced them to Levente. Leve was creating Kim’s web videos series, Project Knockout, which features Class Act Media’s sales education journey. 

Leve was already making waves in the music industry, having produced hundreds of music videos for local and international artists, as well as corporate videos. His unique storytelling style and client-facing approach were a perfect fit for Anj’s and Alisa’s creative team and offerings.

For Leve, Anj, and Alisa, it was the right opportunity, at the right time—with the right work ethic.

Carolyn Luhning portrait

Quality content

Each member of the Class Act Media trio brings different skills to the team. But Anj, Alisa, and Leve share an important similarity: They are all immigrants to Canada and are all under the age of 35. They have a deeply shared respect for hard work and excellence, and an appreciation for opportunity. 

Anj and Leve also have backgrounds in the hospitality industry, where they learned to put clients first and aim to exceed expectations.

At Class Act Media, drive meets purpose. This youth-minded team knows that to do it—and do it well—they can’t do it alone. These three dynamic partners offer a combination of experience, perspective, talent, skills, and ideas that is already delivering head-turning design and telling fresh, captivating stories.


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