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Automating business performance to achieve next-level results

by | May 5, 2021 | Design Portfolio

Sound familiar?

You have ads running for your business. Leads are coming in. It hits the evening, and you’re finally following up only to realize your response is too late. 

Your new contacts moved on, and you’re losing business. 

This scenario is what Jon Lamont repeatedly saw with his media buying agency clients. Jon’s team brought in leads, but clients didn’t have the time to follow up.

“We started to see common areas that could be streamlined and automated,” explains Jon. “So we took action to nurture leads for our clients while they were doing other things.”

They were so successful in this new approach that Jon launched Get Automated, a full automation agency.


To support this massive pivot in direction and to scale quickly, Jon knew that Get Automated would need a professional team to help them.

“I know that Class Act Media has a strong team, so it was a no-brainer to engage them,” says Jon.

Class Act Media provided Get Automated with a new website and took on their social media.


“We worked hard to simplify imagery and create a flow that would appeal to small businesses.”

“We worked hard to simplify imagery and create a flow that would appeal to small businesses.”

“Automation can seem inaccessible, so we wanted to make the website and brand appear approachable and friendly,” explains Anjelica Abarra, Class Act Media’s Marketing Director and Co-founder.

It’s a Home Run

“They knocked it out of the park,” says Jon.


“Not a lot of people understand automation, but from their initial strategy to simplifying our messages — it’s been instant dividends from working with Class Act Media.”

Triple Threat

Jon believes that business owners should be spending up to 80% of their day focused on business development.

What if you had a team of people taking care of your brand?

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