Revamp Your SEO Strategy:

Brace Yourself for the Search Engine Revolution Driven by AI

by | May 17, 2023 | SEO

The face of online search is changing. Innovations from ChatGPT, BingAI, Google, and social media platforms are revolutionizing how we seek information. Gone are the days when a quick Google search was the only option. Today, you’re just as likely to find that killer recipe or essential DIY tutorial by scrolling through TikTok or asking ChatGPT.

Recently, Google unveiled plans for a significant shift in its search engine format. The proposed change, set to roll out later this year, will prioritize chat prompts, short-form videos, and forum posts over the traditional 10-link format. This transformation is poised to change how we interact with information online, as Google seeks to make its search engine more – you guessed it – human.

Similarly, BingAI uses a chatbot format to answer search queries. With advanced, up-to-date learning capabilities, this search engine is now capable of answering complicated queries (hello, easy dinner menu planning!) and providing long-form answers with cited sources.

So, what does this mean for businesses? Simply put, it’s time to adapt.

Here’s how:

1. Prioritize Videos on Your Social Channels

The power of video content is undeniable, especially as platforms like TikTok grow in popularity. With videos set to feature prominently on search engine results, your business will need engaging, informative videos that appeal to your audience. Whether it’s humor, tutorials, or recipes, this will ensure your business is primed for the new video-first change.

By starting now, you can build a robust content strategy filled with value-filled videos, so you don’t have to play catch-up when the changes take effect.

2. Online Community Engagement

With Google set to emphasize forum posts, it’s important to build visibility and authority in the right places. Consider forming a dedicated community engagement team, tasked with interacting on relevant subreddits and niche forums. This proactive approach will enhance your visibility and ensure you’re part of the conversation. Reddit and Quora are two popular platforms that cater to a wide range of topics, making them great places to start.

There is a caveat with this strategy. Users may respond negatively to a corporate presence, which could damage your brand image. Instead, consider having two types of community engagement: one team dedicated to interacting organically with other members, and one team dedicated to support for your product or service. Although there may still be somewhat of a negative impression, this can be overcome if the support is prompt, helpful, and positive.

3. Prioritize Informative, Quality Content

Google’s proposed shift will favor questions that can’t be answered by traditional web results. To stay ahead, your content must be both educational and comprehensive. Multi-step tutorials, in-depth guides, and thorough explanations will hold the key. Furthermore, BingAI’s commitment to citing sources in their long-form answers means quality, SEO-optimized content is more important than ever.

The upcoming search engine shift is more than just a change; it’s an opportunity. Those prepared to adapt will be able to harness this change to reach new audiences and cement their online presence.

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